Gobius Sensor Technology: A Breakthrough in Tank Monitoring

Top 10 Sensor Technology Companies in Europe - 2020

Sensor technology has become ubiquitous. They are proliferating across countless applications as organizations move to an increasingly connected world. Owing to that, leading companies are shaping the world with their sensor solutions and services, by creating new core sensing technologies, developing algorithms, and building application-ready devices that OEMs can implement easily in end products.

IoT based sensors are going to dominate the sectors across the industry. The sensors will be connected, predictive in nature and will enable a wider range of situations and events to be detected. New algorithms will emerge to deduce more information from current sensor technologies. The combination of both AI and Sensor networks (SNs) are now realities that are going to changing the way organizations work.

The future implications and uses of sensor technology are limitless. Researchers estimate that by the year 2050, smart sensors and similar sensor-based systems will be part of the majority of the work performed by all industries. Predictive maintenance for machines and devices will become increasingly more efficient, easier, cheaper, and improve uptime. In the near future, maintenance will rely on sensors instead of being carried out according to a needs-based timetable. With this, autonomous sensor technology will become a reality, meaning wireless connections over long distances with an integrated power supply. The possibilities and areas of robot technology application will increase significantly.

Our goal with this edition is to feature such solution and consulting/service providers who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the sensor technology space through their top-notch solutions and services. We hope this issue of the Enterprise Technology Review helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster technologically-driven sensor environment.

We present to you “Top 10 Sensor Technology Companies in Europe-2020.”

    Top Sensor Technology Companies in Europe

  • With its patented solution, Gobius develops tank gauges that are easy to install, simple to use, reliable, and contribute to a better environment. One of the Top Sensor Technology Solution Providers in Europe, Gobius offers Gobius Pro, a tank gauge offering that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. The Gobius Pro is controlled through an app that allows boat owners to program the initial settings of the sensor, display measurements, as well as function as a platform for remote support—through Bluetooth communication. Large yacht producers such as HanseYachts AG, Bavaria Yachts, Beneteau Yachts, Arcona Yachts, Exopar Yachts, Hallberg-Rassy Yachts, Najad Yachts, and X-Yachts are all active users of Gobius technology


  • SilverBlip is an independent partner having extremely wide experience of providing sensor solutions for different applications and platforms. With its own sensor technology, market reports, and analysis portfolio, the company has worked for seven years in a row, churning out numerous technically and commercially successful customer projects in medical, health care, mobile, industry, and automotive areas. The company brings in the unprecedented understanding of sensors—the physical or chemical principle of a sensor element and the electrical sensing principles and components—to analyse different approaches and select the optimum one for a specific purpose


  • Smart Services Devices has enhanced its offering with a new and innovative business model—Air Quality Data as A Service—covering installation, calibration, and maintenance of sensor devices along with sensor data storage, backups, and delivery in one an easy and simple package. In addition to air quality sensors, Smart Sensor Devices has developed smart ‘Close Beacon’ that has a multitude of used cases including contactless payments, the virtual point of sales, location-based promotion, targeted and profiled marketing, and many more. Apart from many similar pre-built sensors, Smart Sensor Devices can develop customised sensor products or services for its clients leveraging its IoT platform


  • Ams


    ams designs and manufactures advanced sensor solutions globally. Leading manufacturers around the globe depend on ams' sensing know-how for advanced systems design. For ams, Sensing is Life, and their passion is in developing the sensor solutions that make devices and technology safer, smarter, easier-to-use, and more eco-friendly. ams' sensor solutions are at the core of the products and technologies that define today's world, starting from smart homes and buildings, to smartphones and mobile devices, to industrial automation, connected vehicles, medical technology. Their products drive applications needing small form factor, highest sensitivity, low power, and multi-sensor integration. They offer sensors, interfaces, and related software for consumer, communications, medical, industrial, and automotive markets

  • Captron Electronic

    Captron Electronic

    CAPTRON provides high-quality, innovative sensor technology products since 1983. The focus of development and production is on capacitive sensors. Due to the proximity to their customers from the processing industry, traffic, building automation, transport, and many other industries, and they have an extensive range of optical and capacitive sensors as well as complete sensor systems at their disposal. The company's Customer-specific products and solutions, as well as constant research and development activities, have been the company's core competence since its genesis. True to their mission statement, QUALITY MADE IN BAVARIA, quality, service, and customer benefit are our highest priority

  • Baumer


    The Baumer Group is a manufacturer of sensors, measuring instruments, encoders, and components for automated image-processing. The company combines innovative technologies and customer-oriented service into intelligent solutions for factory and process automation and offers unique, extensive technology and product portfolio. With around 38 subsidiaries and 2,700 employees in 19 countries, the family-owned group of companies is always close to the customer. They provide to the clients in most diverse industries with vital benefits and measurable added value by worldwide consistent, high-quality standards and outstanding innovative potential

  • Haltian


    Haltian designs and develops premium quality products and IoT services for the globally high profile electronics companies. Their people have a wide range of experience in design and engineering for IoT and wireless products, and they are regarded as top experts in the global wireless industry. With the high competences, the company can create brilliant hardware designs that are brilliantly brought to life with high-quality software that always aims to achieve better user experience. Better experience, foresight in vision, and talent in product creation make them a perfect companion to any project. Their specialties include design and engineering for IoT solutions, wireless devices, wearable, and cameras

  • IDTechEx


    IDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence, and events on emerging technologies to their clients. The clients use their insights while making strategic business decisions that will grow their organizations. The company’s experienced business and technology experts provide an international perspective in 3D printing, electric vehicles, emerging devices, energy storage, life sciences, off-grid, printed electronics, RFID & Internet of Things, robotics, sensors, and wearable technology. They serve clients from all over the world because they are dependent on the research that will provide them with the information they seek to make informed, timely, strategic decisions on emerging technologies

  • Polytec


    Polytec has more than 400 employees worldwide with them, and they develop, produce, and distribute optical measurement technology solutions for research and industry. The company’s quality innovative products have an excellent reputation internationally among the expert community. They even find solutions that are customized according to the customers’ requirements on a day-to-day basis. The development and production of innovative measurement systems, as well as the distribution of excellent high-tech products from renowned manufacturers, continue to form the basis for the continuous growth of the company. Contract measurements and system rental round off are the extensive range of services

  • Sensirion


    Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Staefa, Sensirion is a manufacturer of environmental and flow sensors. The company employs over 700 people worldwide. Sensirion sensors can generally be found in the industrial, medical, and automotive sectors, consumer goods, analytical instruments, and HVAC products. They help in the continuous improvement of comfort, health, and energy efficiency. The best feature of Sensirion products is the utilization of its patented CMOSens Technology, which allows intelligent system integration of the sensor element, calibration data, logic, and a digital interface on a single chip. By consistently trying out new things, advancing into new areas, and being one step ahead of the times, Sensirion is continuously driving the sensor industry forward with new standards